MACbioIDi2: Promoting the cohesion of Macaronesian regions through a common ICT platform for biomedical R & D & i (INTERREG program MAC2/1.1b/352)

MACbioIDi2 aims to take advantage of the incipient innovative ecosystem generated by the previous MACbioIDi in an international hub of excellence in Macaronesia, centered on technological R+D+i, sustainability, ICTs and training, applied to medicine and inclusive of Africa.

It counts with associated participants from America and Europe with the highest international reputation, in addition to African beneficiaries and partners.

It focuses on open medical technologies, with sustainable and inclusive models of intellectual property.

The project is structured on an R+D+i objective, which includes medical imaging, neuroscience and advanced instrumentation, another objective of systems integration, with diagnostic and surgical intervention by images, design of prosthesis and neuro-rehabilitation systems, and a third transfer objective to the company, Africa and training.

The technological and formative convergence of Europe, Africa and America in our hub is unique and a great opportunity.

This project is funded by Interreg and is aligned with the following Sustainable Development Goals – (SDG) :

Ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all at all ages.