RehabNet: Neuroscience Based Interactive Systems for Motor Rehabilitation – (303891 FP7-PEOPLE-2011-CIG)

Coordinator: Sergi Bermudez i Badia (NeuroRehabLab – Madeira Interactive Technologies Institute (PT)) Partners: Madeiran Public Health System – SESARAM (PT), Myomo Inc. (USA) and the Quality of Life Technologies Center of Carnegie Mellon University (USA).  RehabNet is a highly interdisciplinary project that addresses several research areas including:

  • A) clinical research;
  • B) robotics,
  • C) Human Computer Interaction (HCI);
  • D) neurofeedback and neuroscience.

RehabNet proposes to develop a novel rehabilitation paradigm, based on low cost technology that can deliver motor rehabilitation for ALL patients, ANYWHERE they are.

This is achieved following 2 main research objectives:

To develop a novel upper-limb rehabilitation system that allows us not only to effectively train motor function, but to monitor and to collect  extensive synchronized brain activity and behavioral data on patient performance during the recovery process.

This unique system will provide us extremely valuable data that will allow us to propose a  generalization of it to a neurofeedback paradigm that can eventually be used by all stroke patients, either at home or in the clinic.

Visit the project website: Try out HERE our online applications

This project is funded by Comissão Europeia ( European Comission).