Reh@Panel Unity3D debugger

The Reh@Debugger was created to allow developers to check if the Reh@Protocol information is being sent correctly. As long as the string being sent follows the Reh@Protocol, the information can be viewed in the Debugger.

Developed by: Tatiana Vieira, Yuri Almeida

Importing the package

  1. Create a new project
  2. Import the package Debugger.unitypackage
    1. Assets -> Import package -> Custom Package

Requirements to use the package

  1. Make sure that you are receiving the right protocol by UDP
    1. You can use our Reh@panel to do this
  2. Make sure you are sending the data tot he same UDP port as you are receiving

1 – My IP
The IP of the machine that it is running the Reh@Debugger.
2 – UDP Port
The UDP port being listened.
3 – Start/Stop UDP
Switches the UDp reception on or off.

NOTE: if the Reh@Mapper also exists in the same game, this option will disable the UDP reception for BOTH tools.

As longs as you meet the requirements, you will be receiving data and see that data in the debugger.

Check the Reh@protocol page for more information on how the protocol works.